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Jake Robert Read

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Completed in the summer of 2014
with Professor Forrest Meggers' C.H.A.O.S Lab
at Princeton University

In the summer of 2014 I was an inaugural member of Professor Forrest Meggers’ ‘CHAOS Lab’ (Cooling and Heating for Architectural Optimized Systems) at Princeton University. Meggers works on improving building design by looking for sustainable technologies which minimally hinder design. He is also focused on proper modelling and measurement of building environments.

We built a pavilion designed to test the performance of a novel radiant cooling system. It uses a repeating 'lamp' structure to focus radiant energy and minimize a thermally active surface's exposure to air.

The pavilion was constructed with an old industrial robot arm and hot-wire cutting system we developed.

An early iteration of the concept, using computation to determine where focal 'zones' exist in free-form geometry.

The 'igloo / lamp' concept we landed on.

Lamps, and the triangulation solution. Makes modules easy to hot-wire cut and tessellates evenly.

Using Infrared imaging during analysis; this off-angle shot should show minimal cool surface.