Jake Robert Read

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The Thermoheliodome

  • architecture
  • automation


In the summer of 2014 with Professor Forrest Meggers’ C.H.A.O.S Lab at Princeton University, I was a “research specialist” (aka intern) - but got up to a lot of fun Rhino / Grasshopper and Robot integrations thereof… I became responsible for the CAD / CAM and design pipeline that we used to fabricate this strange pavillion.

It uses a repeating ‘lamp’ structure to focus radiant energy and minimize a thermally active surface’s exposure to air.

Early studies on geometries:


And final geometries:

lamps measure

To do this, I got to play with a big old industrial robot, an ABB 6800, which we integrated into our Grasshopper script using a plugin that Ryan Johns had written during his time as a Princeton Architecture Masters’ student.