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Stray Projects

one-offs, b-sides, etc

The Practical Microcontroller Primer

As part of my time as grad student at the CBA, I help teach a class that we call How to Make (almost) Anything - and I field a lot of questions about microcontrollers from first-time embedded programmers. To try to demystify some of that content, I wrote this guide for our students.

Eagle CAD in 10(ish) Commands

Also for HTMAA in 2021, I wrote this guide based on the thought that you can basically learn how to use Eagle ECAD (a circuit design tool) in just 10 commands.

How to Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything

I also helped teach the recursive How to Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything HTMSTMAA in 2021, and I lectured for the “Mechanical Design” and “Power Electronics” sections (the latter with Dave Preiss).

Mechanical Design Guide

Power Electronics Guide

Mapping Actuator Parameter Space

Prior to my time at the CBA, I had been really interested in actuator design: specifically the low-weight-high-torque-small-package space coveted by robot arm designers. I built this ashby chart-type thing to plot actuator parameter spaces. The data is available in this gitlab repo.